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The Shakespeare Hospice

Registered Charity No: 1064091

About the Hospice

Our Support Area

Supporting Local Families

We are an independent local charity providing specialist care for people affected by life limiting illness. Our services are available free of charge to patients, carers and their family members in South Warwickshire and the North Cotswolds. The majority of our patients are living with cancer, but we also help patients with other life limiting illnesses including end-stage heart failure and HIV/AIDS.

Our nursing care and support help patients to continue living at home with their families while receiving active treatment. If treatment has ended we help patients to stay at home for as long as possible and to die there if they choose to. When a patient recovers we continue to support them for as long as they need us to.

The Shakespeare Hospice is not just for patients - we help carers and family members too. If you think you could benefit from our support please get in touch.

Many patients who attend our Day Hospice in Shottery make a full recovery from their illness.

'Some people think if they go to a hospice it will be like closing the door, as though it is the end, but for me it was opening the door, allowing me to carry on with my life with dignity.'
- Day Hospice Patient

Services we offer include nursing care, personal care, counselling, complementary therapies (including massage and aromatherapy), occupational therapy, physiotherapy, chaplaincy and creative therapies (including arts and craft work).

The Hospice is open five days a week, Monday to Friday, and our long-term aim is to open 7 days a week. Patients are taken to and from the Hospice by volunteer drivers or by ambulance if necessary.

A welcoming smile always awaits here at The Shakespeare Hospice. If you think you could benefit from our support please get in touch on 01789 266852 or visit our Hospice Care  pages to find out more.

Our History

The Shakespeare Hospice opened its doors to patients in February 1999 after ten years of planning and preparation. The idea of the Hospice came from the local Rotary Club, who identified a need for the service. The project was taken on by the whole community and there was a successful public appeal. 

The Shakespeare Hospice does not have an in-patient bedded unit, as there is already sufficient provision of this type of care in Warwickshire and East Worcestershire, but to extend our care, we launched the Hospice at Home team in January 2004 to provide nursing support for those patients who wish to die in their own home.

We provide care and support to families from South Warwickshire and the North Cotswolds, an area covering about 120,000 people. As of 1st July 2013 we have also extended our Hospice at Home service into Southam and Kenilworth.

There is no charge for our services to patients. We receive less than 7% of our funding from the NHS, and rely on the generosity of local individuals, grant-making organisations and companies to meet our annual running costs of approximately £1,700,000.

Getting Here

For information on local public transport please click here. For information on volunteer drivers who can bring you to the Hospice please call us on 01789 266852.


Photos on the website - thank you to Martin Salt and Andrew Llewellyn for kindly donating photos, some of which are used on this website.