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The Shakespeare Hospice

Registered Charity No: 1064091

Hospice Care

Hospice Care

We provide care and support to patients with life limiting illnesses, their carers and family members.

The Day Hospice

'Some people think if they go to a hospice it will be like closing the door, as though it is the end, but for me it was opening the door, allowing me to carry on with my life with dignity.'

For Patients

Day Hospice at The Shakespeare Hospice offers supportive care for patients living with a diagnosis of life limiting illness such as heart failure, cancer, or motor neurone disease. Our specialist nurses can offer you and your carers and family members time to discuss your diagnosis, the treatment options available to you and your feelings about your situation. Support is available through a conversation over the phone, or you are welcome to call into the Hospice to make enquiries about the support we are able to offer. No referral is required from a GP or hospital.

For Carers and Family Members
One day a week at the Day Hospice is devoted to carers, bereaved carers and family members. Our nurses give support and care alongside our team of therapists and counsellors.

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Hospice at Home

'Because of you all, Mum’s wish to die at home was made possible and she was treated with such care and consideration by everybody involved. Mum was able to have a dignified, pain free death with her husband by her side which is how she would have wanted it to be.'

We believe that people with a terminal illness should have the right to choose where to spend their final weeks and days and where to die. For some, a hospital or hospice may be the best place, but many people want to stay at home right to the end. Our Hospice at Home team will carefully and sensitively assess the amount of care needed and will work closely with the family, district nurse and other members of the Primary Health Care Team. Our nurses will then visit and care for a patient on a regular basis, building up a close relationship with the immediate family and extend their support into the bereavement period.

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Family Support Services

'We are grateful for the support and care you gave to Dad throughout Mum’s last few months as he would not have been able to manage without it.'

Our Family Support Services include Bereavement Support, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Information Services. For the families we support, we can offer volunteers to stay at home with a patient while the carer attends the Hospice or other appointments. We are currently expanding these services to include care for children and young people.

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Young People's Services

Our Young People's Services include support for Young Carers, Bereavement Support, Volunteering and Work Experience Opportunities, and Transitional Care.

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