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The Shakespeare Hospice aims to provide the highest possible standards of care for all people using our services, shops, and supporting us with their time and/or fundraising. 

We are committed to ensuring consistent high standards at all times and we welcome suggestions and feedback, where we may have fallen short of those standards, as well as at times when we have achieved them.

We receive a large number of compliments from our service users, carers and their families who wish to express their gratitude for services received. Compliments are therefore important feedback for us and are seen as a means of learning how and when things have gone well.  If you would like to share your appreciation or give general feedback you may do so by completing our feedback form.

We value and respect the views of everyone who has reason to use our services. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your experience, either as a service user, a relative/carer or a supporter, we want you to tell us. We are keen to learn from you so that we can take action when things have gone wrong and improve what we do in the future.

We take all complaints seriously and will deal with them in a timely manner. A complaint should usually be made as soon as possible after the event and within 12 months of the date that you became aware of the issue.

We want you to be assured that contacting us to make a complaint will not affect your future care or relationship with us in anyway.

I Want Great Care

I Want Great Care (IWGC) is the world’s leading independent platform for measuring patient experience and outcomes, with over six million healthcare reviews across 28 countries worldwide. It allows patients to easily provide feedback on the care they received, to either leave their thanks and recommendation or lead to a problem being fixed.

These reviews are then great for others to find care for themselves or their loved ones through the trusted, independent reviews left on the site, which are not edited and will display the true patient opinion.

The Shakespeare Hospice is now registered on IWGC for patients and their loved ones to be able to leave a review about the care given. These reviews will help others more easily decide whether The Shakespeare Hospice is the correct place for them.

If you or a loved one has been cared for by The Shakespeare Hospice, please leave a review to let others know about the expert care and compassion provided.

To leave a review, click on the link below and type in the relevant service code:

Day Services - 0027
Hospice at Home - 0015
Children and Family Support Service - 0058
Adult Counselling - 0036
Transitional Care - 0043

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