What services do you offer at The Shakespeare Hospice?

Our Day Hospice offers a range of physical, psychological and spiritual care as well as information and support. Patients and carers attend for appointments or for the whole day, returning to the comfort of their own home after each visit. For patients who are too ill to travel, our Hospice at Home team deliver care and support in the patient’s own home. The aim of this service is to enable those who wish to die at home to do so in comfort and with dignity.

Family Support Services are available to all patients, carers and their family members. This service includes counselling and bereavement support. Our Young People’s Services include support for bereaved children or those facing a loss, support for young carers and Day Hospice care for young people aged 16-24 with a life limiting illness.

Who can access the services?

Our services are available to patients, carers and family members affected by a life limiting illness. We support patients from the moment of diagnosis and no referral is required from a GP or hospital.

How do I get referred?

Patients and carers can be referred through their GP, hospital, District Nurse or other health professional. They can also self refer – visit our referral page or contact the Hospice on 01789 266852 for more information.


When is the Hospice open?

The Hospice is open 9.00am – 5pm Monday – Friday.

How long can I come to the Hospice for?

Patients and carers can access the Hospice services for as long as they need. The team assess people on an individual basis and develop a supportive care plan according to their needs, which is reviewed every 12 weeks.

Who might I see at the Hospice?

In the Day Hospice there is a team of Nurses and Healthcare Assistants along with an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist. There are also Complementary Therapists and Diversional Therapists. Through our Family Support Service you may see our Macmillan Social Worker, Counsellors or Chaplain.

Our Hospice at Home team includes trained Nurses and Healthcare Assistants, along with Complementary Therapists who also offer services in patients’ homes. All our services are supported by volunteers in a wide variety of roles.

Are there any beds in the Hospice?

No. When the Hospice was originally being developed our community told us they would prefer to remain in their own homes with family and friends around them, and access the services through a Day Hospice. The Hospice at Home team was later formed to give patients’ access to end of life care in their own homes.

What is the Hospice like?

Some of our patients and carers have said:

“On my first visit I was apprehensive, not knowing what to expect and whether I would fit in. I had no need to worry on both counts. I was met by a very friendly volunteer who showed me around and made me a lovely cup of tea. As others arrived at the Hospice I felt more and more at ease… Everything is available at the Hospice including advice on anything, back and shoulder massage, foot massage, along with all the other alternative therapies available, and at no cost… My experience so far has made me realise that there is still a great deal of life left for me to enjoy.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect the day I went for my first visit as a patient but I left feeling I wanted to return. It is so tranquil; no pressure from people but they are there if you want them and they have time to talk. The Hospice is a wonderful place.”

“From the Hospice I have got practical help from the physios in the form of extra exercises when I had my mastectomy – help with aids for my home because of the mobility problems when the bone cancer appeared i.e. providing two zimmer frames, one for upstairs and one for downstairs because if you only have one it is always in the wrong place."

"They have also given me the confidence to face the cancer – you have to find your own way through but you need help and advice to make the long journey and for this I am very grateful.”

“I started my weekly visits to the Hospice at the same time as my chemo sessions started and what a revelation. The “Hospice family” came riding in on their chargers and encouraged me to talk, relax, join hands on diversional therapy sessions and be a receiver of the wonderful alternative therapies which have helped address aches and pains as well as dealing with my inner calm."

"I cannot describe what the Hospice gives me – it’s like being in a loveable bubble, all the services I receive are also on offer to my family and carers who have taken up the support, they have reaped as much benefit as I have.
The whole approach to us is a holistic one and it’s up to individuals to take as little or as much as they want."


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